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130 inch All-in-one LED screen showing chess pieces as its content. 130 inch All-in-one LED screen showing chess pieces as its content.

LED Signage

A wide range of Indoor and Outdoor LED signage to create eye-catching experiences
with industry leading technology and performance.

Indoor LED >

Full model line-up, ranging from super fine-pitch to standard indoor pitch, for diverse indoor application.

Outdoor LED >

Diverse models available in a range of case designs for outdoor applications including in stadiums, and for outdoor advertisements and public displays.


LG MAGNIT is a display that meets the depths of your imagination. An entirely new level of immersion awaits in infinite black and authentic color.

LG Miraclass >

The infinite contrast and excellent brightness created by LG's cinema LED screen bring fine details to the screen, providing audiences an amazing sense of immersion.

Transparent LED Film >

LG Transparent LED Film is a new level of renovation with see-through view. Its superb transparency endows the glass surface or window to which it is attached with a mystical beauty full of vivid color.
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