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LG Display and LG Electronics Unveil Latest Transparent OLED Solutions for Mobility at InnoTrans 2022

2022.08.23Hits 400

LG Display and LG Electronics Unveil Latest Transparent OLED Solutions

for Mobility at InnoTrans 2022 



LG Electronics and LG Display showcased their most advanced Transparent OLED solutions for mobility at InnoTrans 2022, the world’s largest trade fair for transport technology held in Berlin, Germany from September 20 to 23.

At the show, LG’s innovative Transparent OLED solutions demonstrated the powerful potential of Transparent OLED displays in diverse applications across public transit systems, providing unparalleled experiences through cutting-edge solutions that combine innovation, convenience, and function to enhance modern lifestyles.


Transparent OLED for Subway Trains

The innovative Transparent OLED solution employs SPD (Suspended Particle Device) Smart Glass—a special tempered glass from material science company Gauzy—in an Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) to give it the enhanced strength and durability to handle strong impacts and vibrations. This can be used to replace standard train windows along with high-quality displays that can present advertisements, news, and weather forecasts on-screen while maintaining a high level of transparency. In addition, the glass blocks up to 99% of light when the SPD is on, creating an even higher contrast for color-rich displays in shifting lighting conditions.


Smart Digital Information Desk

Existing information desks in train stations can be transformed into a medium for the delivery of accurate, up-to-date information. Touch functionalities on the Transparent OLED screens can enable travelers to interact with desk employees, who will be able to simultaneously present relevant information including live train times, emergency notifications, nearby facilities, and local tourist attractions.

Show Window


Four 55-inch Transparent OLEDs arranged in a 2×2 square can be a captivating brand platform to overlay text, images, and video content in front of products, and they are ideal for developing unique welcome boards, photo zones, or interactive display spaces.


At the trade fair, Germany’s national railway company, Deutsche Bahn, also showcased its next-generation concept train featuring LG Display’s Transparent OLED displays in its windows, demonstrating their practical applications in the future of train transport technology.


In addition to mobility applications, LG Transparent OLED display solutions have also been implemented across the retail, office, interior, and design sectors as well as in art exhibitions to deliver exciting and highly innovative customer experiences.






*This is adapted from LG Display’s press release (https://news.lgdisplay.com/global/2022/09/lg-display-unveils-latest-transparent-oled-solutions-for-mobility-at-innotrans-2022/)