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Press Release

New Video Wall Series Offers Unprecedentedly Even Picture

2019.11.12Hits 745

LG SVH7 series offers immersive images with easy management and sector-specific customisation

The new video wall series from LG is a step forward in appearance, management and customisation. It builds on LG’s popular 0.44mm even bezel to create a video wall that’s as impressive to look at as it is easy to use. Each 55” display has a lighter weight and shallower depth than its competitors and smart colour calibration, so the walls are easier to install. Once installed, they’ll impress viewers with their picture and owners with their ease of use, even in specialised environments.

Extraordinary images

The picture quality of the SVH7F video walls is stunning because of its uniformity. The 0.44mm even bezel means there’s less than a millimetre’s interruption of the image between adjacent screens. This is made even less noticeable by the 90% uniformity that extends to all four corners. Even more important for displaying pictures evenly across screens and highlighting details is the uniformity and brightness. This is further heightened by an additional chipset offering Smart Calibration, which analyses and adjusts the colour and brightness of connected displays. It’s a quick and complete solution with no specialist or external optical sensor required. The calibration can even be scheduled to make sure it happens automatically at a convenient time. All of these features combine with the image gap reduction algorithm to make sure content presents seamlessly across the video wall.

Easy management

On the management side, users can rely on the digital signage suite that LG has perfected. The webOS 4.0 smart platform has increased flexibility, with its user-friendly Graphic User Interface changeable to screen orientation. It ensures screens are scalable in deploying synchronised apps or content management software like SuperSign CMS, LG’s all-in-one stop for content creation and distribution. Howsoever a user wants to design their wall and run content, there is an easy solution ranging from daisy-chaining LAN to multiple media synch to scheduled plays and playlists. Best of all, Signage 365 Care can minimise downtime through remote management, diagnosis and monitoring.

Sector-specific products

The series also includes adaptations for specific use cases. The SVM5F has the same image quality and easy management but is designed for situations with lower ambient light. Imagine a huge tiled panel in the centre of a museum display or a corporate centre. The higher haze percentage of the SVM5F ensures the image won’t be marred by reflecting light, a mobile phone flash or a ceiling lamp.

The SVH7PF was created for control rooms and other mission-critical environments. As 4k cameras and 4k transmission equipment are becoming more popular, video walls are needed that can display high-definition details around the clock. This display offers the image quality with reliable continuous power supply. The external power box can be up to 60m away, and its four redundant power modules can be changed while the others are running for uninterrupted function. The anti-glare feature, as well as the wide and high viewing angles are doubly important in a control room environment. No matter how large the room, all occupants will see details easily and clearly.

It’s no surprise the series has been verified by Nemko to depict without distortions. The LG SVH7 series combines the best that video wall technology has to offer for a clear and detailed image of easily displayed content.